Always progressing our knowledge as wreslters and growing our passion for learning


Always chasing a better understanding of the things we are truly grateful and blessed to be able to do


Grounded in our faith. Always focused on the foundation in which we are grounded


Fall/Winter Season

Ages 6 - 10
Fall/Winter Season
Part 1 - Sept 17th  - Oct 21st
Part 2 - Nov 5th - Dec 19th
Price $150 (season commitment Come as much as possible)
Training 2 x per week
Sun 3:30 and Wed 5:30 pm

Future Elite
Year Around Training

Ages 10 - 13
Experience 2 to 4 years wrestling
Sept through May
Price $130 per month 
Training 2 x per week + Optional Elite or Learn to wrestle practice times
Tues - 5:30 Thursday 5:30

Year Around Training

Ages 10 up to 12th grade
Experience 3 + Years or to old for Future elite
Price $130 per month
Season - Sept 3 - May 28
Training - Year around opportunity
Practice 4 x per week
Sun - 4:30 - 6:30
Tue,Wed,Thur 6:30 - 8:30
For Intentional Wrestlers ready to Compete

Youth Wrestling Philosophy

We focus alot on athletic development and mental preparation that creates a joy and love around learning a competitive sport. We view it more as an art and we throw many creative skills at the kids to better there future motor skills with proper habits. We don't beleive the focus at this age should be tournaments, trophies, screaming and yelling world war 3, instead we do all our competitions inside our own room in a controlled environment which we know is best to help your kid build a healthy relationship with a very challenging sport.

Future Elite and Elite Wrestling Philosophy

We provide a higher level of understanding around learning  wrestling as well as continually pursuing the best person we can be off the mat. We believe this is a stage where your child should be competing more often, however we know it needs to be planned and intentional. We help craft a plan for your training, and competition schedule that we feel would be best for your child to keep them wrestling as well as improving. We take the training in this group with the upmost importance as we know it shapes your son or daughter likely for there future. We make sure we self evaluate constantly so we can work on the areas that will for sure get the individual and the group better on and off the mat

Personal Lessons

The 1 on 1 or small group private training is where you can really 10x your training and speed up your knowledge. Wrestlers make more progress in these personal training sessions than in any other type of setting in my experience. 

Contact - 208-841-2047
Email - levi@allinwrestlingacademy.com



The ALL IN Academy was started from a pure passion and calling to coach and better young men through wrestling! 

We are a christ centered wrestling academy that teaches a growth mindset with daily focus on being the best version of yourself on and off the mat!

This is a neutral club and welcomes all schools and kids and experience levels!
We have future plans to build facility that is central for all kids in the Treasure Valley.
who will I learn From?
Meet Levi Jones
Levi was an accomplished division one wrestler ranked #2 in the country at 141 lbs for Boise State University. After 3 NCAA Division 1 Qualifications and being a key part of 3 pac 10 team championship titles Levi later went on to coach at Arizona State University and then returned home and coached at Boise State University. He now impacts over 1,000 kids through his camps and clinics each year around the Pacific Northwest. He is a passionate innovator in the sport of wrestling always pushing to grow and improve. He has created new tools for kids to make transformations including the ALL IN Wrestling System, ALL IN Journal, and the ALL IN Scoresuitpro.
Meet Josh Newberg
Josh comes from a decorated high school resume winning multiple state titles, All American honors, and more. This all led him to a Division 1 scholarship and career at Boise State University where he earned multiple PAC 12 honors in wrestling and went on to earn a degree as an engineer. Josh brings the connection of FCA WRESTLING which is our partnership service for our club. FCA is a foundation of what we build our business and our lives off of and josh will be our leader. Josh now is the FCA Wrestling Director for the state of Idaho and he will be incorporating his mentorship and teachings into the ALL IN Wrestling Club.
Meet Paden Moore
Paden comes to us from an extremely well decorated high school career where he was ranked as high as #16 in the nation and collected himself a national title at the USA Wrestling folk-style national tournament. This all led him to wrestle division one at University of Northern Iowa where Moore earned a Division 1 lineup spot for the panthers at 157 lbs. and was integral part in the development of the panther culture of attack wrestling, in your face hand fighting, and family. He comes to us with his faith in Christ being his foundation and is excited to mentor and give kids the opportunity coaches gave him.
Don't Just Take Our Word For iT!

Testimonies from some of the young men!

Levi Jones has been, and is, an amazing mentor for me. He is constantly encouraging me to wrestle to the best of my abilities. He does not only care about the wrestling skills of his trainees, but also about their character and who they are But, that is not without his wrestling knowledge and coaching abilities. I’ve been working with Levi for 3 years and could not be better equipped to compete. He has worked with my technique, athleticism, and endurance. He has encouraged me in my mindset and in my Faith. I went from not qualifying for state my Freshman year of high school, to winning the State tournament my Junior year. Now I am looking to wrestle in college. He practices what he preaches and constantly improves as a coach.
In whatever situation Levi ends up coaching, he has amazing intentions for the kids being coaches.

Cael Palmer Kuna High School

Training with ALL IN & Levi Jones taught me many things, one thing I learned is that I should believe in myself and always push myself to get better. He also taught me high caliber drilling and intense workouts which is his motto ALL IN. I'm thankful for the times coach levi helped me and the workouts he put me through, it made me a better wrestler and gave me a new way to look at life.

Qvelli Quintanilla WA

I started going to the All in gym my Junior year of high school. When I first was going I was defensively sound but lack offensive leg attacks. The previous year I lost my state finals match due to lack of offense. Coach Jones help be to develop a series of grab and go shots along with outside steps. Theses shots sky rocketed my success and allowed me to continue wrestling at the college level where I’ve been scoring with these leg attacks on National qualifying and all Americans. I thank coach and the all in program for helping me become the wrestling I am today. 

Dante Roggio Kuna High School

Levi Jones and his All In program was an integral part of my training. All In was a great opportunity for me to get a focused one-on-one training from a high level coach and this one-on-one training was very impactful to my wrestling career. Levi custom-tailored the techniques he taught to fit my wrestling style, while still holding to solid wrestling principals. Levi also invested in teaching me how to prepare mentally for tough matches, and how to stay focused for the long haul. This was one of the most valuable things I learned from Levi.
His training included every aspect of wrestling from goal-setting to cutting weight techniques to the mindset necessary for a competitive wrestler. Levi also invested time outside the garage by coming to tournaments and giving feedback and encouragement after matches. Levi’s training truly made a difference in my wrestling, and even how I approach life outside wrestling. If you are considering joining the All In program, I would encourage it. Show up ready to learn and work hard!

Grant Newcomb Meridian High School

I feel like while training with Levi in the garage I learned how to wrestle while feeling uncomfortable and tired, and at Fargo that really helped me to becoming an All American. All In Wrestling helped me to be able to know that I can push through the uncomfortable positions, being tired and fatigue.

Josh Neiwart Spokane, WA

ALL IN Wrestling helped me at a critical time to make some very important technical adjustments in efforts to win some matches back that I had previously lost. ALL IN Wrestling helped me gain a strong understanding just how technical the sport is. I'm grateful for any time I get with coaches who care about me on and off the mat, and the all in training room was a great demonstration of that.

Cade White Meridian, ID

ALL IN WRESTLING was a part of my life in my summer camps, my high school season, and with one on one sessions in the garage. The ALL IN Way has been an huge part of my success and understanding of how to chase my dreams on and off the mat. I now have the opportunity to wrestle in college and I'm so grateful to be healthy and have a growth mindset that will serve me in anything I do.

Caleb Smith Meridian, ID

"My time in Levi's garage was pivotal in my wrestling career. Levi provided the opportunity to train with higher level opponents and gave me pointers and technique that was specific to my wrestling style; something that is invaluable as a wrestler. He made me more passionate about wrestling and taught me how to enjoy this difficult process of continual improvement that we undertake as wrestlers. I am excited to continue my wrestling career after my time with Levi and ever grateful for the opportunity to have come to Boise and train with him".

Thomas Rhodes, WA


How do I register?
Click the register today button for the training program that fits your needs. You will be led to a page with options after you fill out your info.

We would like to sign up as a family how do I do that?
For the Learn To Wrestle program it will be a one time payment for each kid with no discount, however it is extremely low price for what we will do. For the experienced academy you will need to select the option to register multiple kids for family rate so it selects the discounted rate for you.

Where are the practices located?
Eagle High School Wrestling Room -  Currently Eagle is our location until we build our own facilities that are neutral and serve all kids in the valley better.

How long are practices? Learn to wrestle will be 1 hour practices but our future elites and elites will be 2 hour practices All wrestlers are encouraged to come early.

How much is it?
Depending on your level of commitment there are several options available. Beginner is about 100 per month and experienced is about 130 per month.

Can I pay some money now and the remaining money amount at the door?
You can pay in full at the door if you wish not to pay online, please email us at allinwrestler@gmail.com to let us know. We do not accept Checks!

How do I sign up?
Scroll up on this page and click register button

Why train year round? 
At the ALL IN Academy there is no off season if you wish and we are committed to helping our athletes achieve their goals year-round. We realize that the key to success is hard work and committing countless hours to the tasks that will bring desired results. Options for training year round will be provided.

I want to bring my entire team but I would like to pay with our booster money for our kids?
In this case it is best to contact Levi Jones at allinwrestler@gmail.com so he can set you up with an easy team registration code. Understand that any kids signed up on your behalf means you will be responsible for their money due. 

What is the cancellation policy? 
All memberships will require a 1 day notice to not be billed for the next cycle. In case of injury or major life change we will refund up to half of your purchase price if you can no longer attend.

What do I bring to practice?
It's great to always have wrestling shoes, workout clothes on, singlets optional, headgear optional, and water bottle. We will also provide some options for team apparel if you wish.

Can parents help?
I will have instructions for anyone wanting to volunteer and help. It's always great to have help, and it's even better to have someone learn as I teach so they can continue the help for their child when they coach or train kids.

Can parents come and watch?

What does the schedule look like?
For future elites and elites practices will be 2 hours long and our typical practice will include Dynamic warmups followed by technical work, followed by flowing and or wrestling live, we will finish with grip/strength or flexibility most practices for 10 to 15 min.

Can I write you a postdated check? 
No Checks

If we pay in cash is there a discount?
No Discount. 

How much money do they need for Team Apparel ?
It's best to set aside around $150 - $350 to get your child singlets,  and some swag that we may offer throughout the year

What happens if there is an emergency? 
Medics can almost always be reached quickly with in city limits.

My child doesn’t have a coach at a tournament.
For the experienced kids we have a select number of tournaments that we will be attending and notify you of, we suggest a parent to coach if it is a local tournament and one of our staff is not there.

Who do we contact if something goes wrong and we can't pick up our child?
Please contact Levi Jones: Phone 2088412047
Or Josh Newberg 2085997493

How many times a week do we train?
Learn to wrestle  2 x per week
Futures & elite 4 x per week

How tough is this club?
This club will service all levels of wrestling from beginner to advance and has multiple options depending on where you are at.

Can girls attend club?
Yes. Please be understanding that the majority of wrestlers in the club are boys so its good to recruit some girls to come with you. Future plans to have all girls club if numbers keep going up! We support girls wrestling movement!

Do you offer private lessons?
Yes I do, please contact me at levi@allinwrestlingacademy.com for info on this.

What if we cannot make it in time for the practice start time.
Just do your best to get there when you can. We will integrate your child into the practice wherever we are at.
Contact - Levi Jones
 Email - Levi@allinwrestlingacademy.com
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